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It will take you just 12 minutes to finish your routine of beauty for the morning. The first step is the face wash Then the astringent followed by the moisturizer. And the list goes on. Although it’s a time-consuming task, was it not once an enjoyable process? Well, we decided to take you back to the times when applying makeup was a treat by providing you with some creative techniques and tips to spice up your routine.

We asked Carmindy Carmindy, a TLC resident makeup artist and author of The 5 Minute Face, to get the inside scoop. Here are her top 10 beauty tips that will leave you feeling fresh and gorgeous.

Beauty Tip #1 – Use your perfume in moderation.

No matter how costly the fragrance, a few sprays in the morning will not last all day. To make your scent last, try this beauty tip use a moisturizer that is not scented first, and then spray the perfume a few seconds later. “There’s so much alcohol present in fragrance,” Carmindy explains, “that is why if you spray it on your dry skin, many instances it will evaporate so fast. However, if you’ve got moisturizing lotion on your skin, it will stick much better.”

Beauty Tip # 2 Lip gloss, without the goop.

Carmindy suggests adding an extra step to make the gloss more smudge-proof. I like to apply lip gloss first to my fingertips, then rub it onto my lips liquid collagen supplement liposomal . And this way you’ll get some glow however it won’t get too goopy.” To ensure that the color stays on your lips, apply a moisturizing lipstick first.

Beauty Tip #3 – Apply a sweet scrub

“The best exfoliate in the world is regular white table sugar.” You don’t need to apply any scrub containing sugar. “The small crystals dissolve in water and don’t cause any skin irritation. If you’re suffering from sensitive skin, don’t worry. “It is even more effective because using other products, you may not enjoy a scent or lots of ingredients,” states Carmindy. It’s easy to use your usual shower routine to massage your skin and scrub your skin using the addition of a few drops sugar. If you’re running out, you can ask your cute neighbor for a spot of sugar!

Beauty Tip #4: Eliminate your spot concealer.

Instead of searching through your makeup bag looking for different concealers in the morning only use one, advises Carmindy. Why is that? Because you can utilize the foundation that is attached on the top of the cap of your liquid all-over concealer as your spot treatment. “It will oxidize there, and it gets a bit more dense.” Plus, she says, “It’s the same shade as your foundation, so it’s going to instantly cover the flaw.” To apply, just grab an incredibly small concealer brush and dip into the cap of your foundation, or the nozzle , if you apply spray. Apply it to the areas and you’re good to go. This is beneficial if your foundation lid gets cakey.

Beauty Tip # 5 – Recycle Good for the planet, good for your lips.

What do you do when the four most popular lipsticks are almost gone and your finger is tired from scraping out the remnants below? Carmindy suggests mixing the used sticks into your own lip pallet. “Take the lipstick tubes to the drugstore and purchase the plastic box. You can then put each color in one of the sections inside the pill box.” Mix and match the colors , or even place Vaseline in one of the sections and create your own lip gloss.

Beauty Tip #6: Lips that are size of celebrities

To get fuller lips people typically outline their lips with pencils, but most times, it appears unprofessional and noticeable (especially when the lipstick comes off leaving just that awful line). Carmindy suggests using Q-tips to create an invisible enhancement. Dip it in some shimmery white eyeshadow, and draw your lips lightly. “What happens is that the glitter will absorb the light and make your lips appear bigger.” It’s impossible to observe it, but a tiny glimmer will accomplish the trick. This is great if you don’t have any collagen.

Beauty Tip # 7 Bronzed, but not filthy.

A dusting of bronzer all over your face can cause you to appear like you’ve been playing around in the sand box all day long or taken on a part-time job as a chimney sweep. Carmindy prefers to use spray bronzers for an unnatural look. I spray the sponge on my skin , and then press it onto my face. This is where the sun will kiss your face. Powder bronzers can be applied in the same areas should you want to.

Beauty Tip # 8 – Brow breakthrough.

You’ve probably tried everything to draw your eyebrows out if you were given barely there eyebrow DNA. However, many products fade by the evening. Carmindy recommends buying waterproof liquid eyeliner to match the shade of your hair, such as brown, black or taupe. It is possible to use an angled brush to apply the eyeliner on your eyebrows. It’s going to last all day. It’s much more natural than a pencil, and also lasts longer. It’s win-win.

If you’re like me, and you have a wildly unruly brow it is possible that you need to help keep them in check. How to do it “Take your spooly hairbrush or an old tooth brush, apply a small amount of hair gel the surface and brush it on your eyebrows to ensure they stay in place.”

Beauty Tip # 9 – Not your average smoky eye.

“I like to use a color such as a navy blue or sparkling burgundy purple and also line the inner rim with the lower and upper lash lines. Then I use a Q-tip to blur the area. This way, you don’t have eye shadow that is pushing the eye back, but you still have the smoky effect because the lash lines are lined with the color. If you have dark-set eyes, Carmindy advises you to avoid putting dark shadow on your eyelids since it can make them appear even more pulled back. There are many ways to make a smokey eye , however most people believe there’s just one.

Beauty Tip #10 – Reduce time and time spent applying eyeshadow

You’re running late to work? Highlight powder that shimmers white is the ideal choice. “If you highlight three crucial areas that you place on your face’s planes–you do not need any eyeshadow,” says Carmindy. These are areas below the eyebrow, inside the inner corner of the eye, and over the cheekbone. It gives a glimmer to the eyes, it lifts the lid, and draws attention to the cheekbones. To feel more awake all you have to do is make an enormous cup of coffee.

There’s no reason for you to let your beauty routine become boring. These tips on beauty could be a good reason to revisit your 12-minute routine.

With the assistance of TLC’s makeup artist Carmindy, Savvy Miss author Leslie Barrie compiles a list of less well-known beauty tips that leave you feeling luscious and gorgeous.

It will take you just 12 minutes to complete your routine of beauty for the morning. The first step is to wash your face followed by the astringent then the moisturizer. It’s a long list. Although it’s become a tedious task, was it not once a time of fun? We decided to bring you back to the time when applying makeup was fun. Below are some beauty tips and tricks that can spice up your routine.

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