Don’t Be THAT Guy On Instagram

As an inspiring entrepreneur you have heard it from many sources: you need to get on social media and create a heavy presence. Well that is easier said than done. You choose Instagram because it’s simple and may you have a personal account picuki. You know you’re way around and sign up. Now what? You see flashy cars, beautiful scenery’s, and uber successful people showing their lifestyle off. Is that what I do, or is something more to this platform?

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If you look at any successful person you notice immediately how they dress, hold themselves, walk, talk, etc… It is who they are and how they define themselves. More than likely they are uber confident, command attention when they speak, and are held in high regard. They don’t have to have the cleanest suit you ever laid your eyes on, or that dream car you always wish you had, but within a few seconds you know what they are all about. They offer great value, show themselves in a personal matter, help others reach the top etc…

You all know them, they either post some crazy vacation all the time, flashy cars, money, etc… but you know they still live at home. You know what this does? It absolutely destroys one’s personal brand and reputation. They are basically telling people they are faking it until they make it.

You are know just thinking of starting your own business or personal Instagram account and have ONE opportunity to show the world a glimpse into your reality. Don’t go over the top just for likes, be genuine, vulnerable, and inviting to other people. Offer great value by giving great advice or tips. Help people when they didn’t ask for it. Show people what you are currently working on in your business. Do not spam you product or be annoying to your followers. Show people your difference in your niche to stand out more and show your personal brand-the real you. Design a plan around what your overall message will be to your followers. Insight on your business, actionable tips and tricks, huge value bombs, ramp ups for product launches, etc…

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