Cesarean Delivery – Another Way Out

 Cesarean Delivery – Another Way Out

There are a growing number of cesarean deliveries nowadays. Some parents opt for an elective cesarean delivery instead of a vaginal delivery in order to avoid severe labor 250x Nangs Delivery Brisbane  pains. Though people are divided about the pros and cons, no one can deny that cesarean deliveries have helped save many babies and their mothers!

Why Cesarean Or C-Section?

If not planned, this birthing process is undertaken if:

·  Baby is too big for the mother’s pelvis

·  The position of the baby is not convenient- breech position

·  Fetal distress- the heartbeat of the baby is falling or presence of meconium is detected

·  The mother is no longer in a situation to bear the stress of vaginal delivery

·  Infectious vaginal disease which can be transferred to the baby during delivery is detected

Barring cases of fetal distress, C-sections can be predicted during the third trimester of the pregnancy.

The Process

In USA, epidural is used on patients during a cesarean. With epidurals, the mother is awake while the surgery takes place but is numb waist down. This allows the mother and the father to see the baby immediately after birth. Yes, your husband is allowed enter the operation theater to support you. You need not worry about feeling pain during surgery. Epidurals or Spinals as they are also called are used in more than 95% of the cesareans and very few have actually complained of discomfort, let alone pain. If you are still worried, you can ask the doctor to give you some light medication, which will keep you in a daze while the surgery is on.

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