The saying “fighting fire with fire” has never been truer than when it comes to using fish oil to fight acne. The traditional wisdom would make you think that you should never utilize an oily supplementation for a skin oily condition, but fish oil has an array of qualities that make it the perfect solution to this problem that teenagers are familiar with as acne. There is no solution. Treatments vary from a few dollars per month up to thousands every year. There are natural ointments, washes, as well as dangerous chemicals that youngsters are able to use to cleanse their skin, however only one treatment is contained in a small golden capsule. It can provide more benefits than any face cleanser that is on the market.

The anti-inflammatory benefits of fish oil have been recognized for their ability to fight inflammation and cardiovascular issues. But the fire-suppressing omega-3 liquid fish oil for teens properties of fish oil go beyond the outer reaches of your body. They help you to maintain the skin’s integrity. Eicosapentaenoic also known as EPA is an omega-3 fatty acids that are found in fish oil. EPA is known for is androgen inhibitory properties. This property decreases the production of sebaceous cells, thus less oil is available to the skin. There are fewer openings for bacteria to flourish and, consequently, the formation of acne is stopped before it begins.

Omega-3 fatty acids might not be the best solution for teens. But, starting a regimen of therapy with a good supplement and still cleansing your face is a good way to start. A majority of people won’t see any noticeable changes until they have taken supplements for at least four weeks. It is best to take the supplement as an adjunct to other treatments in order to reduce the requirement for other medications. Many users say their skin is much softer and actually looks clearer underneath the skin. Also, the face loses some of the redness that typically occurs with acne outbreaks as well as the subsequent treatment.

Fish oil should be consumed on a daily basis like all other treatments. The suggested dosage is 3 grams of fish oil every day. However, this can differ based on your individual. Consult your physician about the appropriate dosage. The FDA believes that this dosage is safe and has not reported any adverse reactions. Any side effects that have been reported are usually minor and could include fish burps, digestive upset as well as moderate diarrhea. Even though these effects aren’t serious, they can be averted by taking the supplements with meals and dividing the dose over the course of the day.

Fresh Alaskan wild-caught salmon is the ideal alternative to taking omega-3 supplements. The body requires EPA, therefore you should consume 2 to 4 portions of fish fresh every week. The method of cooking is important to prevent using oils that will defeat the purpose of eating the fish.

Taking a fish oil supplement might be the ideal solution for your acne problem. To aid in the skin’s healing, it’s recommended to add a vitamin E supplement to your regimen. Omega-3 fish oils provide great relief for teenagers suffering from acne. Try it for your skin now.

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