Basic self-massage techniques

Sometimes you do not have enough free time to go into your favorite and trusted massage parlor because of your busy and hectic schedule at work or even in the society were you are residing. But you don’t have to worry too much on that because you can always have self massage to make you some how relax and stabilize brought about by the stressors on your society.

The areas of the body that stress affects the most are definitely head, neck, shoulders and back. Here are a few simple self-massage tips to try out on your own. When your head feels tired or “heavy”, you can try massaging your temples and forehead with circular movements. You can also perform scalp massage by forming a “claw” with your hand and then move all Spector Massage Gun Review over your head with pressing and circular movements. In case of tense neck, you can try slowly bending your neck forwards as you exhale the same time. Keep the breathing deep and steady, and repeat the action if needed.

These are the very basic self-massage techniques, but there are whole books and websites dedicated to this very useful form of treatment. If you are willing to take 15 minutes every day and concentrate on your health and well-being, self-massage is definitely something you should look into. There are numerous benefits that appear over time, so be persistent and soon you will notice that you have become more motivated, optimistic and happier, having a considerably improved life quality.

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